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While an undergraduate at Cornell, White had taken a course with Professor William S. Strunk Jr. Strunk used a text he had written and published at his own expense, a thin volume titled The Elements of Style. White edited it, revised it, and added the chapter "An Approach to Style," offering such advice as "Place yourself in the background; do not explain too much; prefer the standard to the offbeat." The book sold widely and became a college campus fixture for the next twenty years in several editions.

Chou's albums have been noted for the lack of change compared to his earlier works, yet he firmly stated that he will not alter his style: "They say I've been standing still ... but this is the music I want, and I don't see what I want by moving ahead." [20] To demonstrate his point, he named his 2006 album Still Fantasy after his 2001 album Fantasy . His use of relaxed enunciation has been criticized as "mumbling" [21] which he also insisted will not change; [22] however, recently he has adopted clearer pronunciation for certain songs, particularly more traditional Chinese style songs, such as "Faraway" ( 千里之外 ; qiānlǐ zhīwài ) which features Fei Yu-ching and "Chrysanthemum Terrace" ( 菊花台 ; júhuā tái ). [23]

Ap bio popular essay topics

ap bio popular essay topics


ap bio popular essay topicsap bio popular essay topicsap bio popular essay topicsap bio popular essay topics