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The Nim Chimpsky project failed in its attempt to replicate the results of Washoe. This failure is attributed to poor teaching, and to Nim being consistently isolated in a sterile laboratory environment, and often confined in cages, for his entire life. Nim did most of his learning in a white eight-by-eight laboratory room (with one of the walls containing a one-way mirror), where he was often trained to use signs without the referent present. Living in this setting, Nim did not receive the same level of nurturing, affection, and life experience, and many have suggested that this impaired his cognitive development , as happens with human children subjected to such an environment. [34] [35] [36]

Linda Alexander of San Pedro also thinks of home when she thinks of travel. She chose the poem "Vagabond's House" by Don Blanding, explaining that it "speaks of the house its subject will build and fill with cherished items from travels." "When I have a house … as I sometime may," wrote Blanding, who, in the 1920s and '30s, was sometimes thought of as Hawaii's unofficial poet laureate, "I'll suit my fancy in every way. / I'll fill it with things that have caught my eye / In drifting from Iceland to Molokai…"

Apes essay questions college board

apes essay questions college board


apes essay questions college boardapes essay questions college boardapes essay questions college boardapes essay questions college board