Babylon revisited essay questions

The narrator says that Marion understands Charlie’s wish to be with his daughter but needs to see him as the villain. She implies that Charlie was responsible for Helen’s death. Lincoln objects. Charlie says that heart trouble killed Helen, and Marion sarcastically agrees with him. Suddenly giving up the fight, she leaves the room. Lincoln tells Charlie that he can take Honoria. Back in his hotel room, Charlie thinks of the way he and Helen destroyed their love for no good reason. He remembers the night they fought and she kissed another man; he got home before her and locked her out. There was a snowstorm later, and Helen wandered around in the cold. The incident marked the “beginning of the end.” Charlie falls asleep and dreams of Helen, who says that she wants him and Honoria to be together.

The title, "Babylon Revisited" is an essential tool in building the theme of Fitzgerald's short story because it gives the reader additional insight into the life that once thrived in Paris. By naming the short story, "Babylon Revisited", the author subtly compares the city of Paris, the actual city in which the main character, Charlie, is visiting, to the great city of Babylon... By using, "Babylon", Fitzgerald immediately characterizes Paris as a city of wealth, power, and sin, and by revisiting Babylon, Fitzgerald provides the reader with a more in-depth insight into the meaning of C...

Charlie called Lincoln asking if he could take Honoria to Prague with him. Lincoln agrees but tells him that Marion would like to retain the legal guardianship for maybe a year more. Later, they have lunch together. Back at the hotel, he receives a letter from Lorraine where she asks him to spend more time together. He goes to his in-law’s house and notices an excited Honoria at the idea of moving out with him. While talking with Marion about taking Honoria with him, they receive a sudden intrusion from Duncan and Lorraine. These two insist on going out with Charlie but after he refuses to do so they leave. Because of this, Marion furiously storms out of the room. They call off the dinner.

Babylon revisited essay questions

babylon revisited essay questions


babylon revisited essay questionsbabylon revisited essay questionsbabylon revisited essay questionsbabylon revisited essay questions