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I was surprised to enjoy this as much as I did considering I don't really enjoy anise in food very much.

I never even considered the possibility I'd enjoy it until I got my nose on Cuba Paris Black, really enjoyed it, then read here that it was a perfect clone of Azzaro pour Homme.

That's when I went ahead and bought a vial to test. I liked it. Then I really liked it. Then I could not stop sniffing my right wrist where I'd applied the most modest sample - 1-2 drops tops. Then I eagerly put fresh drops on all my pulse points on both arms and at the base of my neck.

Then I bought the 5-oz/148-ml bottle :)

I think "barber-shop" is a great label for this. Despite the negative connation it carries, it fits here - this is an unapologetically bright, soapy lavender-anis-leather accord, a mature scent (I'd say it's a great choice for any men 30+) - with enough botanical accents to keep one's olfactory senses engaged. I can see why this timeless gem remains as popular as it is today.

For the genuinely curious - why would Cuba Paris go to the effort to perfectly clone such an affordable scent? It's a great scent, for sure (and I actually think there are some subtle differences, more on that later) - but I'd much rather they put their impressive skills to cloning some of those ridiculously overpriced scents - pretty please if you're reading, CP :)

UPDATE - I found the difference between CP Black and APH - it's the musk - there's a considerable leather/musk accord in APH, none in CPB which makes them distinct from one another after the opening notes dry down. I'd now go so far as to say that you could keep them in the same cabinet and use APH in the fall/winter (when I am much more prone to wear animalic scents) and use CPB in the spring/summer.

Another key difference is longevity - not atypical for Cuba Paris deals, I still love them for their value - even their relatively simplistic bottle is somehow an aesthetic delight - but on my skin I only get about 3-4 hours tops from CP Black, whereas even this more simplistic iteration of Azzaro PH still gives me a few hours with some measure of projection and another 5-6 as a skin scent.

Bachelor thesis schreiben lassen

bachelor thesis schreiben lassen


bachelor thesis schreiben lassenbachelor thesis schreiben lassenbachelor thesis schreiben lassenbachelor thesis schreiben lassen