Common mistakes in ielts essay writing

If i quote an example here why students are weak in their writing , it is right to say that writing is kind of bulky process, as after school or college life , students leave their routine of writing, they are forgetting their writing skills now, as they move to speaking more so they feel little or more tiresome in this job of writing,so they find it difficult to write after a long time,so it requires a lot of time and patience and ambition, if you want to really achieve your targeted bands in ielts exams especially in ielts writing i hear from students, they are achieving less or low score in ielts writing, as they do not practice a lot of writing on their notes, that’s why they fail or get low score in their writing.
Very common example of writing i am quoting below:

Hello Simone,
First I would like to say thank you for this great website and the book Target Band 7. I used it intensively and my first attempt was over all-7 (7L, 7R, 7W, ), while second time improved to (8L, 8R, , ). As you can see, for the second time although overall score was higher, writing was reduced to which is quite minimum. My question is which result I shall submit to university application. Even though the first result is lower, it shows evenly over 7 in all sections, which may give a better impression than having writing even other sections resulted in better scores. Some schools require 7 in each section, so there is no question, but question remains for those requiring only overall . Thank you for your advices.

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Common mistakes in ielts essay writing

common mistakes in ielts essay writing


common mistakes in ielts essay writingcommon mistakes in ielts essay writingcommon mistakes in ielts essay writingcommon mistakes in ielts essay writing