Dragonwings essay questions

Intermediate Literature B sharpens reading comprehension skills, engages readers in literary analysis, and offers a variety of literature to suit diverse tastes. Through a varied selection of classic stories, plays, and poems, many of which highlight exemplary virtues, students develop skills of close reading and literary analysis while considering important human issues and challenging ideas. They come to appreciate the writer's craft as they consider the feelings, thoughts, and ideas of characters, and make connections between literature and life. Students also read for information in nonfiction texts, think critically about ideas, analyze the writer’s craft, and consider how the presentation of text across various media affects the readers’ or viewers’ experience and perception of information

Immigrants also have to face and live in many harsh, new conditions. For example, they have to put up with stereotypes and stories about them. This is proven when Moon Shadow is traveling by ship to America to meet his father for the very first time. Moon Shadow is told a story "about how the [Tang men] had slept upside-down on top of their heads with knives between their teeth, and so on" (11). This shows that the white people are very cruel to the Chinese, even if the story stretches the truth. To make up a story of this violent nature means that it is not far beyond them to do it. Americans also force the Chinese immigrants to live with the constant threat of violence. On one occasion, they go out with the intention of hurting the Chinese, simply for the pleasure of it. Black Dog, a relative of Moon Shadow, states, "'The demons are all getting drunk and getting ready for beating

Dragonwings essay questions

dragonwings essay questions


dragonwings essay questionsdragonwings essay questionsdragonwings essay questionsdragonwings essay questions