Emphysema research paper

There are multiple reasons for these associations, although it is likely that these health differences are in part the result of differences in behavior across education groups. In terms of the relation between education and various health risk factors - smoking, drinking, diet/exercise, use of illegal drugs, household safety, use of preventive medical care, and care for hypertension and diabetes - overall the results suggest very strong gradients where the better educated have healthier behaviors along virtually every margin, although some of these behaviors may also reflect differential access to care. Those with more years of schooling are less likely to smoke, to drink heavily, to be overweight or obese, or to use illegal drugs. Interestingly, the better educated report having tried illegal drugs more frequently, but they gave them up more readily -- Les Picker

Within three days of beginning this treatment— my energy and strength began to quickly return ! My skin color was no longer blue-ish. On the third day, I actually felt like working , and did for a few hours —though my wife tried to discourage me. (We had our own business.) It was incredible—as quickly as I had been degenerating before starting this treatment— I was now being restored! Each day thereafter, I was feeling better, stronger, and working longer . My family and friends were as amazed as I was!

Emphysema research paper

emphysema research paper


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