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When I was a student in the mid-’80s, I was part of a team at our university’s computing centre that evaluated installing APL-2 on our then IBM mainframe. The alternative was to issue TRS100 laptops with Lotus 1-2-3 to the students. We opted for APL. None of those lucky enough to learn and use APL-2, while it was available, would ever be at a loss when it came to stats/maths computing – they learnt a way of thinking, of handling conceptual tools, not recipes for filling cells and selecting templates. And this for students with often a very scant scientific or computing background: it made them free, it kept them curious and creative. When Excel was introduced, performances dropped accordingly.

September 11, 2001:  A dream, and some thoughts of a political and religious nature. Do not attach yourself to any particular creed exclusively, so that you may disbelieve all the rest; otherwise you will lose much good, nay you will fail to recognize the real truth of the matter. God, the omnipresent and omnipotent, is not limited by any one creed, for he says, "Wheresoever ye turn, there is the face of Allah" (Koran 2:109). Everyone praises what he believes; his god is his own creature, and in praising it he praises himself. Consequently he blames the beliefs of others, which he would not do if he were just, but his dislike is based on ignorance." --Muid ad-Din ibn al-Arabi (twelfth-century Iberian-born Islamic philosopher and theologian related to the Sufi school)

Thanks for quick reply! You guys are on it. Squarespace is rolling out a developer opition too now. I think with them I would just go in and set it up from the client side, given the back end “developer space” seems pretty complex compared to a wordpress. And actually I was asking the guy who wrote above you who seemed to have the negative experience but he probably didn’t subscribe to new comments. Yeah I may just try them out. I do really like the themes that Squarespace gives. But my web design colleagues are always saying “it’s best to own your own property” ie use WordPress/Jooomla etc and self-host it.

Essay frontpage template

essay frontpage template


essay frontpage templateessay frontpage templateessay frontpage templateessay frontpage template