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From figure , point E is the maximum point of net social benefit and M is the amount of government spending and taxes collected where MSB=MSC. This is as well depicted in figure where the difference between curve B1 and C1 (CF) is the net social benefit, being the excess of marginal social benefit over marginal social cost. The difference is basically the curve N. It is noted that when output 0D is taxed and spent by the government, MSB=MSC. The government should stop operation at point 0D because beyond point D, the loss is greater than the gain since area 0DG represents the maximum social advantage.

To be able to learn effectively, I was looking for an institution that will offer me a flexible learning schedule and, at the same time, offer a challenging curriculum to motivate me to put more effort. Therefore, I chose [name of University] because it offers a flexible learning environment but still maintains a stringent curriculum that enables the preparation of an all-rounded professional. Having a program that meets my desire for professional development and that allows me to continue working influenced my choice of [name of University].

Credit awarded by another Higher Education Provider may under certain circumstances contribute to the credit required for a London South Bank University award. For credit to be transferred, the learning must be relevant to the course for which the claim for credit is being made. The learning must also have been at a comparable academic level and must have been assessed. The amount of credit transferred must be equal to or less than the amount of credit awarded by the Provider at which the learning took place. At least half of the credit required for an award of the University must normally be accumulated as a result of learning assessed at London South Bank University. The University also has a process for accreditation of prior experiential learning, with the details and submission requirements for each claim considered individually.

Example of msc essay

example of msc essay


example of msc essayexample of msc essayexample of msc essayexample of msc essay