Fail safe movie essay

When he asked me to abort and I didn’t I wouldn’t have asked him for nothing and never spoke of him ever until she was 18 or older and decided she wanted to know who he was.
I don’t care if I was homeless I wouldn’t ask him for S**T!
By the grace of god we would make it.
My first pregnancy the father asked me the same. I said no and was ready to go it alone.
He came around a few months later and we raised that baby together got married and had another baby.
I refused to have anymore kids unless I was married.
That first baby is now 22 and a college graduate and we are still raising the second a 13 year old girl.
Had he not come around he wouldn’t have had to worry about me cause I am a survivor.
I hope she didn’t do this purposely because some women do that.
I hope she at least get visitation.
I want to see what happens when his new wife decides she wants out.
These women should get together and do a reality show.

When I say “we,” I mean those who identify as heterosexual, and I say we’re OK with that because we do so little to alleviate those fears. Even those of us who claim to be progressives or allies fail at times to seriously account for the experiences of those members of the LGBT community we claim to care for. We spend time speculating people’s sexual orientation, only to co-opt, or dismiss as unimportant “coming out” stories. Some of us even make vicious jokes, suggesting it doesn't matter because we ​ don't hate gays. And then we have the unmitigated nerve to wonder why more people are not open about their sexual identity.

Fail safe movie essay

fail safe movie essay


fail safe movie essayfail safe movie essayfail safe movie essayfail safe movie essay