Senior project thesis examples

Note that some apps like Google Chrome have a separate Print window, and you’ll find “Save as PDF” as a checkbox option in Chrome alongside “Destination” options. All else is the same though, and you’ll still wind up with the open document or web page being saved as a PDF file through the virtual printer engine of OS X. Additionally, some applications have native “Export to PDF” functions built directly into them, though using those functions does not pass the origin document through the printer engine of OS X and thus can have slightly different results.

San Francisco University 1990 - 1995
Specialization: Project management
Thesis: Project management methodology - PMI, PRINCE2 and IPMA


  • CompTIA Project+, 2014
  • Master Project Manager MPM,2014
  • Project Management in IT Security,2016 PMITS
  • Certified Project Director, 2015
  • Certified Portfolio Manager, 2017
  • Portfolio Management, 2014, PortfolioManagementLectures
  • Programme Management, 2014, SHE for PM, certificate
  • IMPA and Project Management, 2013, University of NY, IMPA certifications
  • Prince 1, 2012, Prince educator, certificate
  • Prince 2, 2015, Prince educator, Prince 2 certification
  • PMI University, 2010, PMI Trainers, PMI certificate
  • ITIL and Project Management, 2007-2008, SF University, ITIL certificate A.
  • Management and Logistic in Retail, 2000, PM school,
  • RUP, 2007, MSAP
  • COBIT, 2005, RUP-COB itl., certificate
  • Strategy and project management, 2001, Educ - SFR
  • ITIL and Project Management II., 2005-2006, SF University, ITIL certificate B
  • Product Excellence Process (PEP), 2007, Certificators and lectures
  • Microsoft Project for Professionals, 1996 MS Project Lectures
  • SixSigma, 2006, QualityTraining, Black Belt cert.

Most criticism of or debate about capstone projects is not focused on the strategy itself, or its intrinsic or potential educational value, but rather on the quality of its execution—., capstone projects tend to be criticized when they are poorly designed or reflect low academic standards, or when students are allowed to complete relatively superficial projects of low educational value. In addition, if teachers and students consider capstone projects to be a formality, lower-quality products typically result. And if the projects reflect consistently low standards, quality, and educational value year after year, educators, students, parents, and community members may come to view capstone projects as a waste of time or resources.

Senior project thesis examples

senior project thesis examples


senior project thesis examplessenior project thesis examplessenior project thesis examplessenior project thesis examples