What not to do lab answers

Cancer of the nasopharynx (that part of the throat between the back of the nose and the back of the mouth) is prevalent in Southeast Asia. It often causes no symptoms until locally advanced. In a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine on 10 August 2017, blood plasma samples from more than 20,000 men of Chinese descent aged 40 to 62 living in Hong Kong were tested for circulating DNA fragments of the Epstein-Barr virus. There were persistently positive results in 309 men who were then offered examination of their nasopharynx with an endoscope and by MRI scanning. Of the 300 men examined 34 (11%) were found to have nasopharyngeal cancer, and it was at an early and potentially curable stage in 16 of them.

I appreciate the technical information you included vs the typical “it repairs the bonds” type review. I wrote a paper, although not nearly as technical and with much less education, many years ago explaining how a “perm” breaks down hair bonds and the bonds reform to create the new shape of the hair.
I understand formula 1 is used during the bleach or coloring process but sev stylists have started Olaplex treatments in their salons for damaged hair, applying Olaplex 1, followed by adding Olaplex 2 after approx 30 minutes.
My question is related to the ability of Olaplex 1 to penetrate the hair when used without color or bleach. In your opinion, would using a low volume peroxide, such as volume 5, help open the hair for the product to fully work? Or would the additional developer cause more damage to very badly damaged hair?
I realize the post I’m referencing isn’t recent. I hope to find additional info from you!
Thank you so much!

What not to do lab answers

what not to do lab answers


what not to do lab answerswhat not to do lab answerswhat not to do lab answerswhat not to do lab answers